Hi, I'm Lasse.

A curious and ambitious designer, always challenging core assumptions by exploring and learning new ways.
Over the years I've done a lot of product design for SaaS companies, as well as creative work for agencies.
Now, I'm focusing on web design from my desk in Copenhagen, Denmark. From here I service local as well as global clients.

My design practice is always moving and improving. I'm always exploring new ways of optimizing my work. If you think I can help you, or your company, in any way – please don't hesitate to get in touch.

My timeline (so far)



Freelance designer and Webflow developer

I'm freelancing! And I'm super excited about it. Working with people and solving real problems first hand is great. I hope to launch a lot of cool websites in 2020.


Product Designer

In 2019 I started working as a product designer in eloomi.
I was part of a product team designing key features and products.

Working at eloomi has taught me a few things about how Design Systems can benefit and improve a design team.

This experience gave me a lot of perspective on myself – my strengths and weaknesses in the way I approach work.


Digital Creative
@Thank You

In 2018 I joined ThankYou.Studio as a creative designer. TY is an agency specialised in building brands.
Among other services, they create visual identities and campaigns for both startups and enterprise level companies.

Joining the team, I worked on different projects, ranging from the exploration of identities, app conceptualisation to development of fully-fletched website builds using Webflow.


Interactive Design

Having worked with product design for almost two years, I decided to pursue a different direction.
I enrolled at Interactive Design at the Danish School of Media & Journalism.

During three years of late-nighters, I learned a lot of new skills. Graphic design, Motion graphics, Creative code and more.

This education has given me a lot of perspective on commercial design in general, as well as my profile as a designer.


Product Designer

In 2016, I got in contact with Zenbu and joined their team as a digital designer / product designer.

The Zenbu platform is a tool for marketers and SoMe agencies to better understand their financial, creative, and reach performance.

A startup, Zenbu assigned me to a lot of different tasks, starting in marketing and eventually, product.

I like to think I influenced the decision to redesign the product from the ground up. The only designer, I naturally played a key role in launching the Zenbu app 2.0 in 2017.


Product Designer

In 2014 I got a job at Nosco, a Copenhagen SaaS company.

At the time, it was a very big step towards starting a career in digital design. Being a company with a lot of custom client solutions, I got to work with both graphic and web design.
I designed identities and custom landing pages, some of which I also developed with HTML & CSS.

Handling these projects, I learned a lot about working with clients, and the feedback here also played a big part in my choice of pursuing product design further.


Multimedia Design

When I decided to work with design and technology for a living, I enrolled in Multimedia Design at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

Let’s get to work?

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